Cracker Jack
The history of Cracker Jack began in 1872 with a one-popper popcorn stand in Chicago. In 1896, a salesperson who tried the treat exclaimed,"That's a cracker jack!" The slogan "The More You Eat, The More You Want" was copyrighted and the trademark name "Cracker Jack" was used ever since.
"A prize in every box" was introduced in 1912, and many of the prizes have become valuable collectibles. Today, Cracker Jack has established some interesting facts:
Enough Cracker Jack has been sold to stack end-to-end more than 63 times around the earth.
Cracker Jack is the world's largest user of toys: more than 17 billion since 1912.
Some old Cracker Jack prizes are valued at more than $7,000.
The most valuable of all Cracker Jack prizes are two sets of baseball cards together worth more than $125,000.
Cracker Jack became part of the baseball pastime when the song "Take me out to the Ballgame" was written with the words "buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jack."


Today the Cracker Jack collectible watches from the Rich Collection are exhibited at the Center of Science & Industry (COSI) in Columbus, Ohio.

Cracker Jack
100th Anniversary
Limited Edition Watch

The gift box is a replica
of an original
Cracker Jack box

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Gold tone 37mm case with leather strap and quartz movement
with 10 year guarantee.

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