Richcompany.com is a web site for the Rich Company, a division of Rich Dial Corporation with offices in Marina del Rey, California and Kowloon, Hong Kong.. The web site has been especially developed to bring the 60 years of creativity and talent to the Internet. As one of the oldest watch companies in the United States, Rich Company is an internationally known company famous for the design and production of Limited Edition and Museum collectible watches along with the production of private label, award and promotions, company identification and specialized packaging.
The design team of Gene and Bauble Cherniak, veterans in the watch business for a combination of over forty years, has led the company through numerous changes. Along with design, product technology and a knowledgeable source of ideas for marketing, their visionary talents have guided the company to its continuing success and longevity.
It all started in 1950 when two guys from the watch and jewelry center in Chicago, Illinois (Gene's Dad, Ed Cherniak, and his partner Al Blaine) started a small watch repair business in Downtown Los Angeles. Bringing their talents from Illinois, the watch manufacturing capital at that time, they provided complete watch component service to the trade. With a vision of expansion, we became the largest of its kind in the West. Expanding talents even further, we became involved in the sales, design and marketing of watches.
Previously located with offices and showroom in the International Jewelry Center in downtown Los Angeles, our current design office is located in Marina del Rey, California. Our manufacturing resources are located in Hong Kong, Switzerland, Italy and the United States.

In the field of private label, we have been a forerunner in the industry through concentration of creative watch projects and clever marketing plans. We have the ability to take an idea from concept to the consumer.
private label discovery
private label mickey mouse

In the 60's, we were the largest distributors on the West Coast of several famous American name brand watches such as Hamilton, Benrus, Elgin and Waltham with sales to drug, discount and department stores nationally. Gene designed and manufactured a private label watch line for the FedCo stores in California, where he held yearly seminars at each store regarding their watch department.

Receiving a contract from Walt Disney Productions in 1972, we produced over 75,000 watches for Disneyland and the new development DisneyWorld in Florida.

The late 70's was the beginning of a new era of theme and logo merchandise. As one of the fastest growing markets in America, everyone began expressing themselves with logos, especially on t-shirts and watches. We were involved with the production of numerous logo watches for company identification along with watches for award and incentives. Throughout the years we have produced logo watches for many notable companies and celebrities such as Mary Tyler Moore, Steven Spielberg, Ma Bell, In-N-Out-Burger, The Labor Unions, Lucasfilm, U.S. Armed Forces, World Cup Soccer, Monsanto, and many others. Today private label is stronger than ever. private label darth vader
private label johnson matthey In the early 80's we contracted with Johnson Matthey of London England, the world's largest refiners of gold, silver and platinum, to produce 2,000 of a Limited Edition series of ingot watches. These were the first .999 gold ingot quartz watches manufactured in the United States. Each watch was manufactured in 14K gold and sold for over $500.00 each. The watch dials were made from the original bars of gold which was refined at the Johnson Matthey refinery.
1982 is the year ultrAlert, the first radio frequency transmitter watch was conceived. The idea to send a radio frequency alert to an automatic telephone dialer to phone for emergency help was developed by Gene. Through a partnership with DeSmet Precision Instruments a transmitter watch was produced that could transmit a signal over 100 feet. The first presentation to Life Line baffled the staff of graduate MIT electronic engineers.
Geneve 14K By 1984, Gene and Bauble had spearheaded the creation of the "Rich Collection" of Geneve 14K elegant gold watches. This was a successful venture which ultimately changed the direction of Rich Company.
In 1989, Gene & Bauble created the first series of 14K gold Limited Edition artist watches exclusively for the famous actor, comedian and TV star Red Skelton who became a recognized clown artist. The series, of Limited Edition watches were produced with14K gold bracelets valued at $6,000 for each for the men's and ladies watch. They sold out very quickly, appreciating in value along with Red's art. Today the pair is worth $35,000. private label Red Skelton
private label Discovery of America In the early 90's, we designed and produced the first two-sided "dual movement" watch for IEI of Tokyo. IEI is comparable to the Franklin Mint of the U.S. The theme was to honor the celebration of the 500th anniversary of the "Discovery of America" in 1992 which was endorsed by the American Geographic Society. More than 2,000 watches were sold throughout Japan by I.E.I. The Beverly Hills Country Club Watch was added to the IEI collection at a later date.
One of our recent outstanding achievements in watch production is the faithful reproduction of the famous 1948 action-motion Gene Autry "Six Shooter" Watch which was produced as a Limited Edition for the Gene Autry Western Heritage Museum in Los Angeles. This project involved the research for over one year to locate the special mechanical movement with the moving action function enabling the pistol on the watch to "fire 120 shots a minute."

private label Gene Autry
private label Roue 66
Route 66 Day in Pasadena was proclaimed by the Mayor on October 14, 1993 where we launched our famous "Bobby Troup Route 66 Commemorative Limited Edition Watch" at the Route 66 Restaurant in Pasadena. The celebration honored Bobby Troup, the famous actor and song writer who wrote the legendary song "Get Your Kicks on Route 66". The design and production of this watch with a unique revolving road map accompanied by a CD recording of an interview with Bobby Troup and a 16 page booklet, was the brainchild of Gene & Bauble and has been sold world-wide.
The True Americana series of the Rich Collection was created to feature our American nostalgia watch designs for Burma Shave, Mel's Drive-In, and Cracker Jack®. With the permission of the Borden Company, Gene was the first person to change the image of the legendary "Sailor Jack and his dog Bingo" . Our Cracker Jack Limited Edition watches are currently being exhibited at the Columbus Ohio Museum of Science and Industry (COSI).

private label Cracker Jack

A specialty private label division, K.C. Rich Productions, was formed in 1997 which placed an emphasis on the entertainment industry for the design and production of custom watches and limited editions. Through the efforts of this new division, new accounts were established with Disney, Warner Bros. Universal Studios and Camp Snoopy.
Rich Company & Gold Power Worldwide of Hong Kong joined forces in the production of Snoopy by Everhart. The two companies collaborated in the design and manufacturing of watches, table clocks and wall clocks along with packaging for limited edition models as licensees. Tom Everhart is the only artist that has the permission to paint Peanuts after the death of Charles Schulz. Rich Company produced Snoopy watches for the Camp Snoopy theme parks along with the Snoopy Gift shop and Charles Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa California.

In 2003
, Rich Company joined forces with the MC&T Group and Bright Aggregation Technology of Hong Kong to form a joint venture for the production of the world's first sonar wrist receiver for our client Techsonic, a division of Johnson Outdoors. The production of the SmartCast wireless fish finder watch has been a very successful product sold world wide for over seven years with over 250,000 wrist watches and rod mounts sold.

Rich Company
and Image Design, Inc. formed a joint venture Rich Image Designs, LLC in 2004. This partnership brings over 70 years of expertise in the customized watch industry to our clients. Our mission is to develop innovative limited edition programs as well as technologically advanced solutions based on the continued evolution of watches. Our team of conceptual designers produced the first collection of watches for Yosemite National Park.

The Internet became the inspiration for the development of designAwatch.com. The website gives the consumer the opportunity to design their own personalized custom watch online with the ability to select a watch and strap along with a vast selection of dial categories from Snoopy by Everhart, Inspirational Time, Hubble Telescope, Route 66, Military Time watches, dogs, cats, sports, flags, flowers cities, zodiacs and special occasions. The back of the watch can be engraved with a personal message.
A personal voice messaging system for the wrist is planning to be introduced in 2010 after seven years of development in collaboration with Interstate Batteries and Bright Aggregation Technology. The analog quartz movement along with a recorder and speaker has the ability to record a message then play it back whenever you require. Eight alarm settings can be set/reset with 30 seconds of voice recording time per alarm. "Memory on demand" can record notes with 45 seconds of voice time per memo. The watch comes with a contactless charging unit ready to charge the battery merely by placing the watch on the top of the small charging table
In 2010 Rich Company acquired the Peanuts license for designAwatch.com. Over 175 dial images are available for designing a Peanuts watch online. The various Peanuts categories are Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, Sally, Marcie and the rest of the Peanuts gang.
In 2011 "The Masonic" 17 jewel automatic was conceived by the Barclay Watch Company. Rich Company collaborated in the design and production of this unique watch with a special dial which was designed after the famous Dudley pocket watch from the 1920's era where a Masonic emblem was placed in the position of a moving gear on the back of the watch movement. Now the Masonic emblems are on the dial of the watch.



For Disney, we designed and produced The Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Mighty Ducks, California Angels Baseball, Pooh Friendship Club.

For Universal Studios we produced Jurassic Park and Dr. Seuss and various Islands of adventure theme watches.

Snoopy collectible watches were designed and produced For Camp Snoopy at Knott’s Berry Farm and Mall of America.

The 3 Stooges line of watches were designed and produced for Knuckleheads Corp.

The Lone Ranger & Little Lulu were produced for Golden Books Entertainment.

Taz, Pepe and Bugs Bunny collectible watches for Warner Bros.

For a Sony Corporate division, we designed and produced character watches.

The Lord of the Dance watch was designed and produced for the opening of the New York, New York Hotel in Las Vegas through Bill Graham Presents.

Peanuts Licensee Rich Company is the exclusive designer and manufacturer for the Camp Snoopy theme parks where our designs can be viewed at www.snoopywatches.com.. We hold the licence for PEANUTS, Snoopy by Everhart and own the trademark "Inspirational Time" where our inspirational designs are shown at www.inspirational-time.com.

Today our specialty is the watch production of "Design Your Own Watch Online" which can be located at www.designAwatch.com. All of our production samples and new custom designs are featured at eBay and Amazon.