Mels Drive-In watch
It all started back in 1947 when Mel Weiss and Harold Dobbs built their first carhop in San Francisco. They lured the hungry with the local famous radio personality "Wolfman Jack," broadcasting live with music reverberating through car radios in the drive-ups.
In 1972, it appeared that Mel's success was about to end until filmaker George Lucas was scouting out locations for his rock'n roll fable..."American Graffiti." The original Mel's burger spot came to his attention.
Soon it was over again. Mel's was back in business, immortalized in 35mm.
Out on the parking lot, Ron Howard, Richard Dreyfuss, Mackenzie Phillips, Harrison Ford, Cindy Williams and Suzanne Somers took their first steps to future stardom as we currently see today. Afterwards, as the bulldozers razed the last remnants of the historic Drive-In, the famous movie, "American Graffiti," opened in theaters throughout America
With the grand re-opening in 1985 of Mel's Drive-In, once again the kids of the new era were shown a glimpse of what the "good times" were really like... long before the age of video games and compact disc they first met at Mel's...dated, and ultimately got married!
Chrome case, leather strap with compass, quartz movement with 10 year guarantee. Packaged in gift box with the story of Melís Drive-In.
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